Friday, March 15, 2013

Sunglasses brand rankings

Sunglasses are stylish and sun light protects the eye, have to say that is this season's fashion must-have products. Many sunglasses brands currently on the market, the business sales are very popular, prices from a dozen to thousands of dollars, but the quality varies greatly, wears dizziness, eye pain for a long oakleys
1. how to face the selection of sunglasses

Goose egg shaped face: can be used with an oval picture frame. An oval face comparison standard, suitable for all kinds of shapes of sunglasses, but to say the most suitable is an oval picture frame, making an oval face oval lines more highlights.

Square face: can be used with thick frames, arc angle. Square face recommends that you choose is too round, too think point is obvious, but you can't choose too, too will highlight your lines. Large is a good choice, but the angle is a bit oakley sunglasses

Round face: can be used with cat's eye upwards. Round face so many girl problems, it is recommended that you wear the shape of a cat's eye glasses, the line faces upwards will have the taller longer feel.
2. what sunglasses color secrets

Infrared and ultraviolet absorption better lens colors are gray, Brown, and green. Grey lenses on any color spectrum are balanced absorption, wear after seeing scenery darkens without visible chromatic aberration; tinted lenses to filter out a lot of Blu-ray, you can improve the visual contrast and clarity, in cases of severe air pollution or misty wearing the best effects.oakley outlet

3. takes note of lenses, UV index and tag.