Thursday, May 30, 2013

There should be fair play in a fair field

There should be fair play in a fair field, if he could only keep a grip upon these others that were whimpering and shivering and straining at the leash. He had passed the thong of his whip through the collar of the old dog, so all were really well within control. Would the young dog last? That was the crucial question. The hare had had many a run before this to save her skin, and was hardened by the life of the breezy downs cheap ray bans
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the wide fields. But the dog had never previously been tried in such a way: his life had been more or less an artificial one, and he had never been called upon to lay himself out, or been put to such a strain as these almost maddening moments entailed. Catch this thing somehow he must. Were not his comrades looking on? Did not the very silence of the Over-Lord seem to demand of him his fake ray bans
very best? There appeared, however, to be no getting level with this animal of surprising fleetness of foot, that seemed to glide over the ground with perfect ease, and that responded gamely to every effort that he made. The group of lookers-on watched the more intently. Now the hare by a clever turn increased her lead; then once again the dog made good the ground lost. The hare had come back by this time almost to the starting-point. Closer and closer drew the dog: the hare seemed to be swaying in her stride. The dog's tongue was out at any length, and his pant was clearly audible. Once again the hare doubled, and the dogs with the Over-Lord gave tongue, as though they cheered their comrade. Then with a fling and a dash Murphy was into it: there was a scuffle in the snow, and the next instant the young dog was seen to be holding the hare down.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

HTC One will launch Google editions

HTC will be available specifically for its flagship Smartphone is One a Google (Twitter) Edition (Google Edition), powered by native Android operating oakley sunglasses
On Friday, reported that HTC One will be launched within the next two weeks to a version without the iconic Sense interface. People familiar to the CNET then revealed that HTC does have similar plans, but publication is expected this summer. HTC had been betting that the Sense interface will help differentiate their products with other Android products. Last week, Samsung Electronics, unexpectedly announced that will launch aboard Galaxy S4 native Android system. This pure version many embedded in mobile phones Samsung Galaxy S4 remove interface and oakleys
HTC One since its publication, access to the outside, was very well received. But many people worry that the HTC One's sales could be listed and Samsung Galaxy S4 powerful propaganda impact. But an HTC Executive said the HTC One has sold 5 million units in the first months, suggesting a new gambit goes well.oakley sunglasses cheap
Previously, The Verge reports that HTC executives, including CEO Asia in connection with the recent separation. Which makes the outside world began to worry about HTC can develop in long-term stability, HTC's revenue and profits are falling.oakley sunglasses sale
Although some fans of the Sense interface on the market, but many other Android lovers prefer the native Android system equipped with "pure" phone from Google because it allows them to more quickly obtain the latest system updates. Google's version of the HTC is not clearly One operator which will be on sale, or whether there will be subsidies. Galaxy S4 Google editions are available for sale only in the part of the operator, bare metal sells for $ oakley sunglasses

Friday, May 10, 2013

Twitter sentiment analysis report: most happy Saturday

Sentiment analysis is a new research direction in these years in computer science, plainly it is attempting to people's emotions and feelings of data, means, including natural language processing, statistics, signal processing, and so on. Platform is best suited to sentiment analysis category in recent years, the rise of microblogging (Microblogging) social platforms, the United States is Twitter. cheap oakleys
Project Hedonometer computing laboratory at the University of Vermont on Twitter every day over the past five years thousands of Tweet sentiment analysis above, and recorded it. Hedonometer primarily through natural language processing to analyze emotions, for example, it will be looking for something reflecting positive emotions in people Tweet or negative keywords. We can see from figure per well-the highest point of the year was December 25, which is Christmas day. Other days of high happiness level including new year's day, Thanksgiving, Valentines day, etc. From the weekly view, most people average happiness day is Saturday, and the lowest of the day is oakley sunglasses
But since 2008, Twitter top overall happiness has shown a downward trend. This may be because the 2008 United States financial crisis, and later continued as a result of the economic downturn. We can see the happy day is the 15th of the month with the lowest number, that is, the Boston Marathon the day of the explosion.oakley outlet