Thursday, June 27, 2013

Some temperaments are as incapable of depression or gloom

He appears to be of the opinion that a person may deny or reject many of the orthodox dogmas, and still be justified in calling himself a Christian. He is, in fact, one of the New Theologians, who are supposed to have reconstructed Christianity, and saved the supernatural. For this service, Prof. James and his confreres are held in high esteem by those who would have had to give up Christianity but for their timely help. In his lecture on, "Is Life Worth Living," the professor admits that he is writing for the pessimists. It is they who are in the "to be or not to be" mood fake ray bans
of mind. The optimist does not need consolation, for he is incapable ray bans sunglasses
of even suspecting that life is not worth living. Some temperaments are as incapable of depression or gloom, as others are of happiness. If there are cheap ray bans
parts of the world on which the sun never goes down, so there are natures which know no night. We make a mistake, however, if we think that the pessimist represents a lower type of mental evolution. On the contrary, pessimism comes with civilization, and it generally attacks men and women of a higher culture. Suicide is rare among the negroes or the less advanced races; but in the United States, representing the most perfect type of civilization, dowered magnificently, and rich in the possession of the treasures of art and nature; in America, the home of hope and opportunity--with its immense prairies, its great West, its army of earth-subduers, empire-builders, large-natured, generous, daring, enduring, restless, resistless pioneers--more than three thousand people every year kill themselves.