Sunday, April 21, 2013

Era of mobile social networking sites

Social media development today, already is closely related to our life, it shortens the distance between people and people, have changed the way information dissemination, affects people's communication and cooperation by increasing the application of marketing activities, also became the fastest, one of the greatest potential for growth media. The overall popularity of smartphones, the mobile Internet era, also very mobile social media oakleys
Last year, represented by Facebook's many overseas development layout of mobile social networking sites, SNS mobile became the hot topic in the Internet industry. Social media just for traditional Internet foothold in the country, began the pace of mobile, have launched mobile APP to preempt the user's resources and market share. Micro letter appears more a stone arouses thousand waves, increased competition, also accelerated the trend of mobile social oakley sunglasses
Wide variety of social networking APP competition, users faced with a difficult choice. How to provide clear guidelines to the target user, making life easier for the user to feel the joy of mobile social networking, and to avoid the process of risk issues, to some extent, determines the social networking site's user base and market share, worthy of the major social networking APP for thought. oakley outlet