Friday, May 10, 2013

Twitter sentiment analysis report: most happy Saturday

Sentiment analysis is a new research direction in these years in computer science, plainly it is attempting to people's emotions and feelings of data, means, including natural language processing, statistics, signal processing, and so on. Platform is best suited to sentiment analysis category in recent years, the rise of microblogging (Microblogging) social platforms, the United States is Twitter. cheap oakleys
Project Hedonometer computing laboratory at the University of Vermont on Twitter every day over the past five years thousands of Tweet sentiment analysis above, and recorded it. Hedonometer primarily through natural language processing to analyze emotions, for example, it will be looking for something reflecting positive emotions in people Tweet or negative keywords. We can see from figure per well-the highest point of the year was December 25, which is Christmas day. Other days of high happiness level including new year's day, Thanksgiving, Valentines day, etc. From the weekly view, most people average happiness day is Saturday, and the lowest of the day is oakley sunglasses
But since 2008, Twitter top overall happiness has shown a downward trend. This may be because the 2008 United States financial crisis, and later continued as a result of the economic downturn. We can see the happy day is the 15th of the month with the lowest number, that is, the Boston Marathon the day of the explosion.oakley outlet

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